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Botswana, a landlocked country located in Southern Africa, does not have states. Rather, it is divided into nine districts and five town councils. The districts …

Botswana Political Map

Explore the Brazil Location Map in South America, highlighting the country's location and providing essential geographic reference lines. Discover more here.
Explore the diverse and beautiful Dominican Republic through this map showcasing its 32 provinces, neighboring Haiti, and surrounding Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. With its rich cultural history, stunning landscapes, and strategic position, the Dominican Republic is a fascinating nation to explore. Check out the table of provinces and their populations for a deeper understanding of the administrative divisions of the country.
The Eritrea Political Map showcases the political boundaries of the country, highlighting its first-level administrative divisions/regions. This comprehensive representation allows users to gain insight into …

Eritrea Political Map

Highlighted in red on the South America map, French Guiana stands out as a unique overseas region of France, located on the continent's northeastern coast, boasting lush rainforests and a rich cultural heritage.
Explore the geography of Gambia with this simple, focused map that highlights its capital city, Banjul, and its borders, neighboring countries, and coastline.
Discover the Germany Location Map in Europe and explore its borders and neighboring countries. Perfect for understanding Germany's geographical position.
Discover the 16 states that make up Germany with the Germany States Map. Clear outlines and labels make it easy to identify any region within the country.
The first-level administrative divisions of Grenada consist of six parishes and one dependency. The parishes are Saint Andrew, Saint David, Saint George, Saint John, Saint …

Grenada Political Map

This system of counties replaced the older system of eight provinces in 2013 under a new constitution. The eight former provinces of Kenya were: The …

Kenya Former Provinces Map

Discover Peru's administrative landscape with this detailed political map, highlighting the country's 25 regions. A valuable resource for researchers, educators, and travelers.
Explore the capital city of Puerto Rico, San Juan, and its surroundings with this minimalist map. Includes the British and US Virgin Islands, labeled clearly for easy navigation.

More maps from around the world coming soon.

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