Dominican Republic Provinces Map

The Dominican Republic, a beautiful and diverse Caribbean nation, shares the island of Hispaniola with its neighboring country, Haiti. This map showcases the provinces of the Dominican Republic, each represented in distinct colors to highlight their individuality and unique characteristics. The rich visual representation of the provinces allows for a deeper understanding of the country’s geographical and administrative divisions.

There are 32 provinces in the Dominican Republic, including the Distrito Nacional, which is home to the capital city, Santo Domingo. This bustling city, steeped in history and culture, serves as the political, economic, and cultural hub of the nation. As the map illustrates, the provinces vary in size and shape, each with its own regional capital, adding to the diverse landscape of the country.

Haiti, the neighboring country to the west, is also depicted on the map. The two nations have a long and complex history, marked by periods of cooperation and conflict. This map provides a visual representation of their close proximity, highlighting the shared landmass and the need for continued collaboration and understanding between these two Caribbean nations.

The Dominican Republic is surrounded by water, with the Caribbean Sea to the south and the North Atlantic Ocean to the north. The map showcases these vast bodies of water, emphasizing the country’s strategic position and its close ties to the sea. The beautiful coastline, spanning over 1,000 miles, boasts pristine beaches, coral reefs, and marine life, drawing millions of tourists annually.

The map above of the Dominican Republic, featuring its provinces, neighboring Haiti, and the surrounding Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, offers a glimpse into the geographical intricacies of this vibrant nation.

Dominican Rep. Provinces (List & Population)

Here is a table of the provinces of the Dominican Republic and their approximate populations based on the latest available data (as of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021).

ProvinceApprox. Population
Distrito Nacional1,016,000
Elías Piña63,600
El Seibo92,200
Hato Mayor87,100
Hermanas Mirabal93,100
La Altagracia355,400
La Romana274,100
La Vega419,300
María Trinidad Sánchez145,300
Monseñor Nouel178,800
Monte Cristi114,500
Monte Plata192,300
Puerto Plata330,600
Sánchez Ramírez161,100
San Cristóbal619,600
San José de Ocoa60,400
San Juan234,400
San Pedro de Macorís210,000
Santiago Rodríguez59,600
Santo Domingo3,934,000

Dominican Republic Map with Surrounding Countries

Dominican Republic (Zoomed out, showing neighboring countries)
Dominican Republic (Zoomed out, showing neighboring countries)
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