Eritrea Political Map

The Eritrea Political Map showcases the political boundaries of the country, highlighting its first-level administrative divisions/regions.

This comprehensive representation allows users to gain insight into Eritrea’s governance structure and spatial organization. The map serves as an essential tool for researchers, educators, travelers, and anyone interested in understanding Eritrea’s political landscape.

Eritrea is divided into six regions (first administrative division), which are listed below:

  1. Anseba
  2. Debub (Southern)
  3. Gash-Barka
  4. Maekel (Central)
  5. Northern Red Sea
  6. Southern Red Sea

Each region is displayed on the map with clear boundaries, allowing users to easily identify and explore the diverse administrative divisions within Eritrea. Additionally, the map highlights the locations of major cities, including the capital, Asmara, and other significant urban centers, further providing context for Eritrea’s geographical position within the region.

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