Flag of Gabon

The flag of Gabon is a tricolor flag consisting of three horizontal stripes of green, yellow, and blue. The green stripe represents the country’s forests and natural resources, the yellow stripe symbolizes the equator which runs through Gabon, and the blue stripe represents the Atlantic Ocean which borders the country.

The flag was adopted on August 9, 1960, when Gabon gained independence from France. The design was created by a group of Gabonese students studying in France, who wanted a flag that would represent their country’s natural beauty and resources.

The flag has undergone some changes over the years, with the most recent change occurring in 1990 when the coat of arms was removed from the center of the flag. The coat of arms featured a black panther, which is a national symbol of Gabon, and two crossed palm fronds, which represent peace.

The flag of Gabon is a symbol of the country’s independence and its rich natural resources. It is also a symbol of unity and diversity, as the three colors represent different aspects of Gabonese culture and geography.

Overall, the flag of Gabon is a simple yet powerful symbol of the country’s identity and history. It is a reminder of the struggles and triumphs of the Gabonese people, and a symbol of hope for the future.

Image Source: Country Flags, Public domain, Wikimedia Commons

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