Flag of Jersey

The flag of Jersey is a red saltire on a white background, with the badge of Jersey in the center. The badge features three lions passant guardant, which represent the English monarchs who have ruled over the island since the 12th century. The flag was officially adopted in 1979, although it has been used unofficially for many years.

The red saltire on the white background is a symbol of the island’s connection to England, as it is similar to the St. George’s Cross, which is the flag of England. However, the Jersey flag is distinct from the English flag, as it features the island’s own badge in the center.

The three lions on the badge are also a symbol of the island’s connection to England, as they are the same lions that appear on the Royal Arms of England. The lions are passant guardant, which means they are walking with one paw raised and facing the viewer. This is a common pose for heraldic lions, and it represents strength and courage.

Overall, the flag of Jersey is a simple yet powerful symbol of the island’s history and identity. It represents the island’s connection to England, while also highlighting its unique status as a self-governing Crown dependency. The flag is a source of pride for the people of Jersey, and it is often flown at public events and celebrations.

Image Source: Country Flags, Public domain, Wikimedia Commons

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