Flag of the Comoros

The flag of the Comoros is a simple yet striking design that features four horizontal stripes of yellow, white, red, and blue, with a green triangle on the left side. The yellow stripe represents the sun, the white stripe represents purity, the red stripe represents the struggle for independence, and the blue stripe represents the sea. The green triangle symbolizes the country’s Islamic faith and its lush vegetation.

The flag was adopted on January 7, 1976, when the Comoros gained independence from France. It was designed by a local student named Mohamed Issa, who won a national competition to create the new flag. The design was chosen for its simplicity and its ability to represent the country’s history, culture, and values.

The flag of the Comoros has undergone a few changes over the years. In 1992, the size of the green triangle was increased to better balance the design. In 2001, a white crescent and four white stars were added to the upper left corner of the flag, representing the country’s membership in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Overall, the flag of the Comoros is a beautiful and meaningful symbol of the country’s identity and history. It is a reminder of the struggles and triumphs of the Comorian people, and a source of pride for all who call the Comoros home.

Image Source: Country Flags, Public domain, Wikimedia Commons

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