French Guiana Location Map in South America

The South America map presented here provides a clear and concise overview of the continent, with a special focus on highlighting the location of French Guiana. As one of the continent’s 12 sovereign nations, French Guiana is an overseas region and department of France, located on the northeastern coast of South America. It shares borders with Brazil to the south and east, and Suriname to the west. With its location marked in red, French Guiana stands out distinctly on the map, drawing the viewer’s attention to this fascinating and often-overlooked region.

Covering an area of approximately 83,534 square kilometers, French Guiana is the smallest political entity on the South American mainland. Its landscape is predominantly covered by lush, dense tropical rainforest, which is part of the larger Amazon rainforest. Coastal lowlands give way to rolling hills and a few small mountain ranges as one moves inland. The Maroni River, which forms the border between French Guiana and Suriname, and the Oyapock River, which separates French Guiana from Brazil, are two of the region’s most prominent geographical features.

As an overseas region of France, French Guiana is unique in South America because it is the only territory on the continent that is still governed by a European country. The official language is French, and the Euro is the official currency. The capital city, Cayenne, is a vibrant and colorful city that reflects the region’s rich cultural heritage, which is a blend of European, African, Amerindian, and Asian influences.

On the plain South America map, French Guiana’s location serves as a reminder of the continent’s diverse cultural, political, and historical landscape. Marked in red, this small but significant territory stands out, inviting further exploration and appreciation of its unique place within the broader context of South America.

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