Gambia Capital Map

The map of Gambia is a simple, focused representation that highlights the geographical location of its capital city, Banjul. In this map, Gambia’s borders are clearly marked, delineating its position within West Africa.

Banjul, the capital city, is prominently displayed along the coastline of the country, typically using a distinct symbol or label to distinguish it from other cities or towns. The map also emphasize the Gambia River, which flows through the country and passes near Banjul, as it plays a significant role in the country’s geography and economy.

The neighboring countries of Senegal and Guinea-Bissau are also depicted on the map, with their respective borders and names labeled. Senegal surrounds Gambia on three sides, to the north, east, and south, while Guinea-Bissau is situated further south. This depiction provides context for Gambia’s location within the region.

Finally, the Atlantic Ocean is shown to the west of Gambia, illustrating the country’s coastal position. The coastline may be emphasized to provide visual context and to show the significance of the ocean for the country’s trade, fishing, and tourism industries.

Overall, this simple map of Gambia effectively highlights the location of the capital city, Banjul, while also providing geographical context through the depiction of neighboring countries and the Atlantic Ocean.

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