Panama Political Map

Panama Political Map
Panama Political Map

Explore a vivid political map of Panama, featuring its diverse regions, prominent cities, and surrounding countries. With each region displayed in a unique color, this striking map simplifies the visualization of Panama’s administrative divisions. It’s an excellent resource for understanding the nation’s geographical structure and discovering its key urban centers.

Panama is divided into 10 provinces and three indigenous regions, called comarcas. The provinces and comarcas of Panama are:

  1. Bocas del Toro
  2. Chiriquí
  3. Coclé
  4. Colón
  5. Darién
  6. Herrera
  7. Los Santos
  8. Panamá
  9. Panamá Oeste (West Panama)
  10. Veraguas

Indigenous comarcas:

  1. Guna Yala (formerly known as San Blas)
  2. Emberá-Wounaan
  3. Ngäbe-Buglé
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