Peru Political Map

This detailed political map of Peru provides an insightful visualization of the country’s first-level administrative divisions, known as regions. By clearly delineating these regions, the map offers a valuable resource for researchers, educators, travelers, and anyone with an interest in the geographical organization and governance structure of Peru. The map highlights the boundaries of each region, allowing users to easily identify and explore the diverse administrative landscape of the country.

Peru is divided into 25 regions (admin 1), which are listed below:

  1. Amazonas
  2. Áncash
  3. Apurímac
  4. Arequipa
  5. Ayacucho
  6. Cajamarca
  7. Callao
  8. Cusco
  9. Huancavelica
  10. Huánuco
  11. Ica
  12. Junín
  13. La Libertad
  14. Lambayeque
  15. Lima
  16. Loreto
  17. Madre de Dios
  18. Moquegua
  19. Pasco
  20. Piura
  21. Puno
  22. San Martín
  23. Tacna
  24. Tumbes
  25. Ucayali

By showcasing the 25 distinct regions that constitute Peru’s first administrative divisions, this map serves as an essential tool for understanding the country’s political landscape and planning regional exploration or research.

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